Darling Square, the unwrapping of a nest


The architecture is characterized by the waving timber envelope surrounding the structure. However, the envelope is composed of many timber stripes. These timber stripes can be seen as the smallest components to perceive the whole. The stripes are composed in organic and spontaneous pattern and wraps around the shifting floor plates. It acts as a screen to filter the natural light and gives soft texture to the interior space. It is the architects’ intent to express architecture as a part of natural elements, like a tree or a “nest” in playful and primitive manner.


The smallest timber stripes compose sort of ‘ribbons’ that seem unwrapping themselves going down and extending towards the open square. Looking towards the long promenade sheltered by the ribbon at ground floor level, I keep wondering, where would the ribbon eventually go? How much more different will it be? The extending development of the shape presents a charming quality of being undefined and arouses curiosity. This quality matches Anderson’s summary on the principle of emergent properties: More is different.


At first sight the form might seem to be something additional to the structure, in other words, to the function. The architeture is surrounded by residential blocks, retails at lower podium and active flow of people along the boulevard. Being at the focal point of activities, non-directional architectural form was selected. Circular form achieves the building to be accessible and recognizable form multiple directions. The timber ‘ribbon’ also serves as a protection of the terraces and parapets. In this sense, we can trace the function of the architectural elements reversing from the form.





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